Bringing enterprise control within reach


Company Mission

PHARMASEAL want to give customers increased control of their clinical trials and product development. We have applied industry expertise, innovative thinking and advanced automation to build and operate an integrated enterprise platform which allows biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to manage all of their clinical trials effectively. We share a vision with innovative companies to simplify and unify clinical trial governance.

Ethos & Culture

A forward-thinking company which is unafraid to challenge the conventional

Everything we do is driven by our ethos to design and engineer agility and unify trial governance. We believe in creating an environment that promotes openness, transparency and community. We are passionate about creating intuitive enterprise software that helps our customers manage flexible supply chains that empower their clinical development processes.

Manage Your Clinical Trials Better With Engility®

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Meet the team

That brought you the PHARMASEAL platform

Daljit Cheema

Founder & CEO

PHARMASEAL's mission is to bring enterprise control technology within the reach of all organisations.

Hugh O'Neill

Director Quality Management & Operations

Ricky Lakhani

Director Product Management

Lorin Thwaits

Senior Developer/Architect

Corina Feraru

Associate Software Engineer

Finn Francis

Software Engineer

Simon Knight

Software Engineer

Supreeth Setty

Software Engineer

Manage Your Clinical Trials Better With Engility®

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