Engility® Connect

Engility® Connect simplifies the integration between Engility and your applications to reduce data duplication and cost, increase data quality and transparency, for a more connected Clinical ecosystem.

Take advantage of our validated system connectors that accelerate this connectivity with a range of service and deployment options that enhance your information assets for more effective decision making.

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Benefits of Engility® Connect

B2B Cloud Integration

Connect with eClinical and in-house applications to manage your assets more effectively with enterprise information.

Service Options

Managed service integration via open APls with flexible deployment models for effective decision making.


Increase efficiency of data and process integration by reducing data duplication and reconciliation for a more connected Ecosystem.

System Connectors

Validated system connectors (e.g. EDC) with our approved partners reducing study integration costs and time.


Exploit CDISC standards to improve data quality when sharing information across eClinical applications.

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