Reinventing Trial Management

Clinical trials are on the critical path for introducing new medicines. Engility® supports the evolving trials landscape demanding hyper collaboration, integrated supply chains, agile processes and management oversight.

As the cost of clinical development continues to rise and clinical trials become more complex, the life sciences industry needs to respond faster, increasing collaboration and supporting more flexible operating models that improve productivity. Engility® is a modern, cloud-based trial management platform that:

  • Increases collaboration and oversight
  • Provides an integrated suite to increase productivity and reduce technology costs
  • Is engineered on a modern cloud architecture which is built to scale for trials of the future

Benefits of a Unified Platform

Benefit from a scalable cloud-based architecture that promotes collaboration.

Collaboration & Oversight

Flexible security model encourages shared use, fostering supplier collaboration and increasing trial oversight.


Intuitive and interactive interface provides a seamless, efficient user experience to delight end-users and drive system adoption.

Integrated Suite

Increase productivity and reduce technology costs with an integrated suite which removes administrative overhead and increases process efficiencies across clinical trial operations.

Cloud Technology

Modern cloud architecture that is built to scale providing business continuity and collaboration efficiencies to support multiple operating models, reducing total cost of ownership.


Automation generates software validation required for regulatory compliance supporting faster release cycles and innovation.

Rapid Implementation

Industry-standard reference data and configuration increases implementation speed up to 3-4x faster than competing platforms.

Engility® Capabilities

Engility® business applications utilise common platform services.

Trial Management


Study Management

Track and manage all aspects of your studies, from milestones & enrollment to team, payments and issue management at the Study, Country and Site levels.

Site Monitoring

Flexible site monitoring capability supporting both traditional and risk-based approaches with a focus on increased structured data and reduced manual data entry.

Site Payments

Manage site contract term negotiation and benefit from an automated payment calculation capability which minimises manual payment tracking for site payments.

Issue Management

A centralized, collaborative issue management and protocol deviation tracking capability at Study, Country, Site and Subject levels.

Regulatory Doc Tracking

Track document metadata and store direct links for documents being captured outside of Engility®.

eTMF Document Management

Store documents directly in Engility® for an integrated eTMF storage capability.

Metadata & Content Searching

Full metadata and content searching provides an intuitive way to find documents and take immediate action.

Engility Platform


Flexible administration ensures that company standards can be configured for use across all trials, whilst allowing for study, country and site-specific modifications to be tailored.

Contact Management

Manage and maintain a single contact management database which is utilised across all Engility domains ensuring there is a single source of truth and no need to rekey contact data in multiple places.

Reference Data

Utilize industry and company-wide data across the portfolio to accelerate set-up, reduce data duplication and improve information consistency.


Flexible security model supports varying levels of access control at customer, study, country and site levels coupled with complete configurability of platform functionality that any given role can access.

Business Intelligence

Powerful business intelligence through both embedded dashboards and system reports across all aspects of the platform. Select and filter reports across studies, countries and sites. Powerful, searchable, user-f


Designed to seamlessly integrate into a clinical software ecosystem; use API’s directly or utilise services to integrate Engility® to other software being utilised in your organisation.

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