Engility® eTMF

Revolutionizing Clinical Trial Documentation Management

Unified with Engility® CTMS, our eTMF solution empowers you to centralize, organize, and manage your trial documentation with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Engility® eTMF offers a robust platform that accelerates trial timelines, ensures compliance, and fosters collaboration across stakeholders, ultimately driving successful trial outcomes.

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Benefits of Engility® eTMF


Master-data management unified with Engility® CTMS reduces data duplication, complex integrations and increases data reusability.


Streamline document management processes, reducing manual efforts and enabling rapid access to critical trial documentation.


Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards, minimizing risks and ensuring audit-readiness at all times.


Foster seamless collaboration among stakeholders with centralized access to real-time trial information, facilitating better decision-making and accelerated outcomes.


Safeguard sensitive trial data with robust security measures, including encryption protocols and role-based access controls, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.


Adapt to evolving trial needs effortlessly with a scalable and flexible eTMF solution that grows alongside your trial pipeline.


Gain valuable insights into trial performance and document status through comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling proactive management and optimization.


TMF Reference Model

Ensure alignment with industry standards and best practices, with the TMF Reference Model as the backbone providing a comprehensive framework for organizing and managing trial documentation.

Template Management

Effortlessly create and manage global file plan templates with the ability to make study-specific modifications to establish structured document organization.

Document Placeholders

Ensure completeness and compliance by utilizing placeholders for pending documents, facilitating seamless organization and tracking of expected trial documentation.

Document Inbox

Effortlessly manage incoming documents with a centralized document inbox, enabling efficient triaging, routing, and processing.

Comprehensive Search

Utilize advanced metadata and in-content search functionalities for rapid retrieval of records.

Dashboards and Reporting

Gain actionable insights and enhance decision-making with dynamic dashboards and comprehensive reporting functionalities, leveraging cutting-edge analytics.

Access Management

Ensure data security and compliance with robust access management features, allowing for granular control over user permissions and document access.

Audit Trail

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all document activities and revisions, providing transparency and traceability for regulatory inspections.

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