Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Continuing to Innovate

It’s that time of year where the last half-term holidays have ended (at least in the UK), and everyone has one eye on the end of the year and the winter break that’s coming up. I know that we at PHARMASEAL definitely have. But that hasn’t …

Tue, Nov 5, 2019

My first 30 days at PHARMASEAL

“PHARMASEAL has had a very busy 2019 starting with the launch of our first product, Engility CTMS, in January. The team listened carefully to what the industry has been asking for and implemented three major releases (on top of …

Mon, Jul 29, 2019

Looking through the lens of a CRA?

In my role as a product leader, it’s always important to stay on top of trends and changes in the industry. One area that has gone through changes in recent times, and will no doubt continue to do so is that of site monitoring.

By now I …